Love Letter

Love Letter

… from MISHA. Reward for clicking through the GISHWHES MANSION !

Dear my sweetest Hühnchen,

I miss you.

There, I said it. I can’t help it. Thinking of you makes me fondly remember visiting the mansion. I can’t believe I just shared that with you! But when I write to you I can’t help but feel like Pitti, Babe doing the waltz and this makes me more openâ?Š or at least like I’m more capable of riding a Great White while reciting John Milton’s ‚Paradise Lost‘.

Do you remember when we first met? You walked up to me and whispered, „Tea?.“ Wow. That was quite a night! I often look at the pictures in fond reverie.

But now here I am locked away in this dark, damp, lonely castle, while you’re out there gallivanting around wearing your sexy kale hat living it up! And here’s me, nothing to eat and the only thing to drink is Yoda’s swamp water from Dagoba planet mixed with just a loving hint of some liquid in Ironman’s armpit-sweat-extactor suit compartment..

I can almost imagine you’re right here with me though. If you were, you could see that I’m wearing my very best semi-transparent chocolate fudge mushroom kilt. Maybe you can draw a picture of the two of us dressed as we are (you in your hat and me in my kilt) and email it back to me? I’ll post it up in this horrid castle and study it religiously instead of spending all of my time near hubby which is fun, but a little exhausting on my tongue.

How am I doing? Well, to be honest I kind of feel like a grasshopper that’s in lust with a furry wombat. But that’s just me being high maintenance. I just need company I think. Would you come visit me? Please do! But just be sure to bring an island cocktail of ‚head shrinking‘ liquid . We can have fun with that!

Are you still interested in paleontology? When I look at that old photo of you posing with that triceratops jaw you found it always makes me feel like shouting: „A Gishwhes item gone bad!.“ But I probably shouldn’t be living in the past like that. I mean, hell, I’ve got hate, spiders, death here to keep me entertained.

Oh! I received your letter! It was so nice of you to write: „Misha, No..“ Reading that made me feel oily as sin. And giddy. It made me giddy. Thank you.

At the very least, I suppose I shall see your photos from the next Gishwhes!

Your assbutt until the end of time,


… ich weiß allerdings nicht, was openâ?Š heissen soll 😛

Auch wenns was automatisiertes ist, was man nur mit eigenen Wortbausteinen beim Gang durch das Mansion gefüllt hat, ists irgendwie… NIEDLICH <3


  1. *teahihihi* All the Rhino tea feelings \o/

    Das Mansionding ist doch schon älter, ne? Kann gerad nicht gucken, Dein Link führt zu Fazzebuck und da steht, das was schiefgelaufen ist 😉

  2. Link geändert! ! ! ! !!

    Und ja, kam mir alles sehr bekannt vor, aber hab mich tapfer durchgeklickt 😉

  3. Was für ein LoveLetter <3
    Voll süss 🙂
    Warum Hühnchen??
    Wie süss er das mit dem Tee erwähnt hat *schmelz*

  4. Haahaa, neeneee, beim Gang durch das mansion muss man teilweise Fragen beantworten, die aus 3 Auswahlmöglichkieten bestehen und teilweise selbst eine Antwort geben.
    Wenn man weiß, wodrauf die Geschichte hinausläuft, kann man natürlich Wörter nehmen, die man gerne hören möchte *heeehee*

    Tea hab ich also selbst an der richtigen Stelle geantwortet, und Hühnchen ist mein „Kosename“, so nennt mich der Hasl.

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